A small selection of video creation work we have done.
Most content has been created from the ground up starting with the concept.

Arvutimaailma ( Videos

Arvutimaailm is the oldest tech magazine in Estonia, since 1993, Must Post Media has been creating videos for Arvutimaailm since 2017

HP business laptop VS Apple Macbook – HP product demo

Dacia Stepway review

Smartphone security- Samsung Knox

Camera comparison – UScar car advertisment clips

VW Tiguan sales support videos – Möller Mustamäe

VW Park Assist

VW handsfree trunk

VW Front Assist – brake assist

VW Emergency assist

Various videos

Elisa advert filming BTS (Behind the scenes)

Estonian Encironment Agency reusage campaign

ChopperElectric – advert

“The Beauty in Yesterday” photosession BTS (behind the scenes)

Brico 2019 Taltech bridge building competition

Clarins beauty Classroom opening party

FLOWIT OÜ – Workflow automation

Flowit OÜ – Aitoldyou Sales process automation